• Front-End Loader
  • The vesconite bushes of the Front End Loader activate power on the field with ease of maintenance. All the attachments can be easily changed with quick detachment feature for agile operation on the field. The greasable plated pins ensure proper friction while performing the task. For the user to have maximum need of comfort with respect to operations, the Front end loader of SOLIS gives class-leading lifting levels. The operator can easily park the machinery with the stand.

  • Rotavator
  • The power-packed usability of our Rotavator is fully charged up with oil immersed side bearings. The additional set of gears in the gearbox has the capacity to increase or decrease the rotor speed for competent pulverization at all climatic and terrain conditions. Designed for maximum coverage on the field, the L-3 and L-4 tractor gears are perfect for pace management. The longevity of gears is ensured by a higher level of oil capacity in both the side and main gears. The globally acclaimed boron steel blades are completely wear resistant, which makes them ideal for operations.